Friday, February 12, 2010

The Integrity of Hodge Podge Christmas

Okay, so I am firing up the Spacebook blog again.

My goal is be consitant, but random acts of blogging will do for now.

This is for the participants of Hodge Podge Christmas; in order to keep it real we all agreed to put our gifts into use. Mine is proudly diplayed in my office for all to enjoy.. One gift is still in the trunk of a car and another is in my garage next to the door. Who knows what the where the gift in the most northern location (starts with a K) is. I am going to do my best to make sure the gifts are used as intended.

We are in N'ville keeping the Kuhl Bros. We watched a Dinasaur Train episode on T-Rex poop.
No kidding. The Olympics are starting we are watching it. Dee really enjoys the opening ceremonies (not].
The parents of the Kuhl kids are in Colorado snowboarding and shopping. Hope all are having a good time.

The cop and nurse are havings issues with a dog in my office. Good luck.

We kept the James' gang bros. last weekend and really had a good time with them.

ONE of the greatest joys in being a grandparent is enjoying "payback" moments. If you would like me to pontificate later let me know and I will.

Life is good and we cannot wait to reach the Half-dozen mark on grandkids.

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