Friday, February 12, 2010

The Integrity of Hodge Podge Christmas

Okay, so I am firing up the Spacebook blog again.

My goal is be consitant, but random acts of blogging will do for now.

This is for the participants of Hodge Podge Christmas; in order to keep it real we all agreed to put our gifts into use. Mine is proudly diplayed in my office for all to enjoy.. One gift is still in the trunk of a car and another is in my garage next to the door. Who knows what the where the gift in the most northern location (starts with a K) is. I am going to do my best to make sure the gifts are used as intended.

We are in N'ville keeping the Kuhl Bros. We watched a Dinasaur Train episode on T-Rex poop.
No kidding. The Olympics are starting we are watching it. Dee really enjoys the opening ceremonies (not].
The parents of the Kuhl kids are in Colorado snowboarding and shopping. Hope all are having a good time.

The cop and nurse are havings issues with a dog in my office. Good luck.

We kept the James' gang bros. last weekend and really had a good time with them.

ONE of the greatest joys in being a grandparent is enjoying "payback" moments. If you would like me to pontificate later let me know and I will.

Life is good and we cannot wait to reach the Half-dozen mark on grandkids.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Florida Experience

If you keep up with the other blogs attached to this one you know about our trip to Florida.

Here is the trip from my perspective:

8 adults, 5 kids
3 cars
5 bedroom 31/2 baths house
Great food
250 + Diapers
Videos- Cars, Horton
TV- Mickey Mouse, Agent Ohso (??)
Lots of Food Channel
A little of Fox News

The story to follow

Saturday, July 18, 2009


As I stated in an earlier post, the design-build process is to design it as you are building it. As many know I am a "green" person when it comes to using lumber. I have accumilated a collection of misc. wood pieces from construction sites and previous projects. Others may view it as cheap, I see it as recycling. I should get some "carbon footprint credits" for free gas for my truck. (If anyone knows anything about carbon credits please let me know, Al Gore is too intellectual for me.)

Anyway, I just finished a table and chair set for Brice, my first attempt at small chairs. I found a plan on the internet ($29.00 for a collection of plans for kid stuff -future use). I could not make the 30 degree angle cuts the plans called for so I looked at the picture and re-designed it.
They look good. I used an old small book shelf for the table base. I will post a picture of it later when I get it to Becki's house.

My projects are very unique. No two items are alike.

There are several things that motivate me:
Intsant gratification- I teach high school and the gratification is delayed or unapprecitated.
(the only teachers who get instant gratification are pre-school teachers who get hugs daily)
Some people play golf. I can make a piece of furniture and it is done.

Functionality- I like to make things that will be used. No usless decorative stuff. People can actually use the items I make.

For the enjoyment of others- one of my joys in life is helping others and making items others will use is fulfilling that joy.

My projects, will never match up to the "Red" standard, or look store bought, but they are made with my passion and will have its own unique look.

Some of my past request have been challenging, like scraping off a half-inch of polyurethane to refinish a chest, trying to distress a black dresser, making a corner shelf that that is uneven and wobbles (still sitting in the basement if anyone wants it) and finding studs in the wall (where is Deena when I need her).

My tools are: an air compressor with 4 types of nail guns- an old, but reliable chop saw- a ghetto, Taiwain table saw ($99 at Home Depot)- a 19.2 volt cordless drill (yeah, its that big)
-belt sander- jig saw-reciprocating saw and misc hand tools.

When I retire I will be happy with just making things. If I ever got a professional woodworking shop, I would be intimidated. Kind of like if Granny Grace was in a commercial kitchen, she would prefer her own house kitchen.

Chop saw update

The chop saw is now working. I put a cord and about a half roll of electric tape on it and it is now working. The saw is hard to rotate to the left to make angle cuts (just wearing out).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deck shoes and Chop Saw

Many people enjoy simple pleasures in life. Big purses, pierced ears, cut-off jeans, tatoos etc.

I enjoy deck shoes. They are very practical, easy to put on, versitle and represent a laid back lifestyle. I had to retire a favorite pair on mine yesterday. They started out as dress shoes, then as casual shoes and then as yard shoes. They were split and the soles were about gone.
Time to cycle another pair.

My chop saw quit working. I hope it can be fixed.
That chop saw has made a lot stuff. I bought it to build a deck around a pool 10 years ago. Since then it has made living room tables for Becki, a car bed for Taylor an entry table for Beth and many other interesting things. It has been a big part of my design-build process for years. I do not follow plans very well. I look at pictures and that create items from wood.

The saw is not most powerful or has all the bells and whistles of some, but it did get the job done.
I hope I can fix it so it can help create many more design/build projects for others to enjoy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Its all good!!!!

As I try to think of topics to blog about I keep thinking I must pontificate on each subject.

I really don't need to. As I read other blogs I realize my attention span is not very long. So I will randomly post blogs not really to impress you but to share my thoughts as they come to me.

When you shoot a gun it is "ready, aim, fire."
Some times when I speak or act is it "ready, fire, aim."

Texture in food is something that I find really amusing. Foods that are gritty (seeds), lumpy, creamy or mooooshy do not appeal to some people. I find that if I like the food the texture will not annoy me. Kind of like that rat in Rattatouie who says "If you can get past the gag reflex it will go down." Some of the people who are texture challenged are very intelligent and productive people, so it is really not up to me to judge them. In turn, they need to be supportive of people who are adventerous in their food such as maltballs and rasberries in an ice cream concrete. I will admit it is not very tasty, but who would of known if tasted good if someone had not been daring enough to try it.

Patronizing is an art form. It shows up most for me when I golf with people who are good and let me tag along, I went golfing with Deena and Scott who are good golfers. They tee up and make a good shot. I tee up and......well lets say its not pretty. They say "your back swing looked good or at least you didn't hit that car going down the street (which is next to the tee box).
Some of the terms used (for those who play with bad golfers)
--It takes time
--You will get there
--At least you only lost 2 balls today
--your golf cart driving is very good today
--a new club may help
--you can hit from where my ball landed
(Feel free to add to the list)
I appreciate the patronization. I kind of know what they really must be thanking.
thanks Deena and Scott for having patience with me.

I played 3 holes and knew it was not going to get any better. It is kind of being on a little league team where you are behind by 52 runs and still have to play the remaing 2 innings.

Truly Blessed
I have taught students in at-risk enviornments for several years. Many of them come from very difficult backgrounds. Some of them have every excuse to fail and still manage to be successful. I have been arounds students who have had very supportive and resourceful families and find a way to fail.

Someone once commented to me once that I cannot relate to these students because my own kids have been "good" kids. It was done in a snotty tone and kind of a put down.

I will never apologize for my kids being successful. They made good decisions, worked hard, educated themselves and all married well. We did have our issues in raising them as do all parents. But most importantly, they were taught to take responsibilty for themselves and deal with their decisions (right or wrong).

When I say blessed I mean I asked God for wisdom in starting my family.

My story goes like this:
Red Collins answered the door at 1 AM on a Saturday morning and let me in
Deena said yes
Brad was born
Becki was born
Deena asked God for patience
Beth was born (so we would have need for patience)

Got all kids raised
All moved out (eventually)

Taylor was born to Brad and Crystal
Brice was born to Becki and Darren
Max was born to Beth and Clark
Josiah was born to Brad and Crystal
Rider was born to Becki and Darren
?????? was born to Brad and Crystal
?????? was born to Beth and Clark
?????? was born to Becki and Darren
?????? was born to Beth and Clark

That will be a good number.
There is no way I could have accomplished this on my own.
I must give credit most to God who gave me wisdom when I needed it.
Red for answering the door and being a great role model. I tell people that I want a family like Red.
Deena, who is the absolutely the most incredible thing that happened to me. When the Bible said a good wife is a like a great gift it is right.
Marianne, who taught Deena to cook and put up with me.
Also, many more who will be mentioned later.

If it were not for these, I would be a regular on the Jerry Springer show.

This was a big blog
Part of my calling on this earth is to be the last in line guy. more of that on the next blog.

........Josiah is wanting his lunch. gotta go

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stay on task

The purpose of blogging is to comment on the intent of the blog. Not to go on tangents and criticize one's pet. But since the subject of dogs came up........

..... no, I will take the high road and not crack on others dogs..

I will say I can vaccuum and only find dust in my sweeper.