Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Its all good!!!!

As I try to think of topics to blog about I keep thinking I must pontificate on each subject.

I really don't need to. As I read other blogs I realize my attention span is not very long. So I will randomly post blogs not really to impress you but to share my thoughts as they come to me.

When you shoot a gun it is "ready, aim, fire."
Some times when I speak or act is it "ready, fire, aim."

Texture in food is something that I find really amusing. Foods that are gritty (seeds), lumpy, creamy or mooooshy do not appeal to some people. I find that if I like the food the texture will not annoy me. Kind of like that rat in Rattatouie who says "If you can get past the gag reflex it will go down." Some of the people who are texture challenged are very intelligent and productive people, so it is really not up to me to judge them. In turn, they need to be supportive of people who are adventerous in their food such as maltballs and rasberries in an ice cream concrete. I will admit it is not very tasty, but who would of known if tasted good if someone had not been daring enough to try it.

Patronizing is an art form. It shows up most for me when I golf with people who are good and let me tag along, I went golfing with Deena and Scott who are good golfers. They tee up and make a good shot. I tee up and......well lets say its not pretty. They say "your back swing looked good or at least you didn't hit that car going down the street (which is next to the tee box).
Some of the terms used (for those who play with bad golfers)
--It takes time
--You will get there
--At least you only lost 2 balls today
--your golf cart driving is very good today
--a new club may help
--you can hit from where my ball landed
(Feel free to add to the list)
I appreciate the patronization. I kind of know what they really must be thanking.
thanks Deena and Scott for having patience with me.

I played 3 holes and knew it was not going to get any better. It is kind of being on a little league team where you are behind by 52 runs and still have to play the remaing 2 innings.

Truly Blessed
I have taught students in at-risk enviornments for several years. Many of them come from very difficult backgrounds. Some of them have every excuse to fail and still manage to be successful. I have been arounds students who have had very supportive and resourceful families and find a way to fail.

Someone once commented to me once that I cannot relate to these students because my own kids have been "good" kids. It was done in a snotty tone and kind of a put down.

I will never apologize for my kids being successful. They made good decisions, worked hard, educated themselves and all married well. We did have our issues in raising them as do all parents. But most importantly, they were taught to take responsibilty for themselves and deal with their decisions (right or wrong).

When I say blessed I mean I asked God for wisdom in starting my family.

My story goes like this:
Red Collins answered the door at 1 AM on a Saturday morning and let me in
Deena said yes
Brad was born
Becki was born
Deena asked God for patience
Beth was born (so we would have need for patience)

Got all kids raised
All moved out (eventually)

Taylor was born to Brad and Crystal
Brice was born to Becki and Darren
Max was born to Beth and Clark
Josiah was born to Brad and Crystal
Rider was born to Becki and Darren
?????? was born to Brad and Crystal
?????? was born to Beth and Clark
?????? was born to Becki and Darren
?????? was born to Beth and Clark

That will be a good number.
There is no way I could have accomplished this on my own.
I must give credit most to God who gave me wisdom when I needed it.
Red for answering the door and being a great role model. I tell people that I want a family like Red.
Deena, who is the absolutely the most incredible thing that happened to me. When the Bible said a good wife is a like a great gift it is right.
Marianne, who taught Deena to cook and put up with me.
Also, many more who will be mentioned later.

If it were not for these, I would be a regular on the Jerry Springer show.

This was a big blog
Part of my calling on this earth is to be the last in line guy. more of that on the next blog.

........Josiah is wanting his lunch. gotta go


  1. Darn, now I feel like I need to cook tonight! Thanks, honey. . . it was a sweet post. . . . and mostly true!

  2. Like food has texture -so does this blog post. It is very "mooooshy." And why did you write about me after patience? Should I be offended?